Greenacres Golf Club was formed in 1938 to meet the needs of a growing number of enthusiasts in the Richmond area, who were dissatisfied with the private control and management of the then Redwood Valley Golf Club.

The club leased land belonging to J Colquhoun in Redwood Valley and a 9-hole course was established opening in March 1939. The club remained at this location before deciding to seek an alternative site on which to create an 18-hole course in 1956.

The club purchased land on Best Island from the island owner Mr. McPherson. At that time it was an island with only boat access or by crossing the mudflats. The following year the club raised the money to build a road from the end of Lansdowne Road (along the stop bank) to the site where a bridge could be built across Dead Man’s Island to Best Island. Today this is the road and causeway onto Best Island.

In April 1959 the road, causeway and bridge, built at the expense of the golf club, was opened by then Mayor of RichmondMr. M. McGlashen. It was also Opening Day for Greenacres Golf Club on its newly-created course.

The old clubhouse, which had been removed from the Redwood Valley site, was rebuilt at the new course and initially 9 holes were created with plans in place for later expansion to 18 holes. Over those years the course was further developed, 120 trees were planted by Appleby schoolchildren and bores were sunk for water.

In February 1966 a further 5 holes were opened for use and finally in June 1966 the remaining 4 holes were completed and the course officially opened as an 18-hole course. The holes were named in 1967 and those same still names apply today.

As membership continued to grow to the point where it was decided in 1973 that a new clubhouse was needed and tenders were called. Following many discussions, delays and unforeseen problems the new building was opened by Prime Minister, Wallace (Bill) Rowling on 14 December 1974.

The biggest asset, apart from its membership, has always been the course, which has staged some significant regional and national events over the years.