9 Hole Grandmothers' Tournament



Please phone Mavis Marsland - Phone 027 712 9958

Please note there may be changes to the draw  below so please ensure you are here by 0945 to confirm your name in the draw as at 8:30pm Wednesday 10th May 

Draw for 9 Hole Grandmothers’ Tournament 2023

Thursday 11th May


No 1 Tee:

1030  R Sheehy, G Fenemor, M Rayner,

1037  V Wilson, D Carter, C Burns, M Slappendel


No 2 Tee:

1030  P McDiarmid, H Dryden, G Martin

1037  A McAlpine, H Billington, P Morris


No 4 Tee:

1030  L Collings, Y Harvey, L Garguilio, L McMurtrie

1037  S Clifford, C MacGregor, T Morehu, K Calder


No 6 Tee:

1030  D O’Keefe, D Charles, N Davis, C Roberts

1037  R Hanford, L Leonard, R Redpath, P Sutherland


No 7 Tee:

1030  J McConachie, A Crossman, L Taylor, A Moulder

1037  J Smith, H Byrne, G Taylor, J Bawtree


No 8 Tee:

1030  F Lloyd, A Vickerman, J Alan, G Garland

1037  F Stenning, C O’Reilly, S McLean, M Fraser


No 9 Tee:

1030  N Webb, G Carppe, P Askew, L Kelly

1037  M Nicholls, D Morris, S Harlen, L Cooper


No 10 Tee: (Non-Grandmothers)

1030  J Backhouse, G Green, B Zadeh

1037  S Paine, Y Mitchell, A Kruger


Please report to Starter Table by 0945am

Complimentary morning tea from 0930

Collect your Cards from the Kiosk in Pro Shop and pay there.

After welcome at 10:15 please make your way to your tees.


For any Enquiries phone Mavis Marsland: 027 712 9958