w/e 23.8.13

Snippets for the week ending 23rd August 2013


Hearty congratulations to Bernadette Zadeh on recently receiving her NZ Citizenship. You have always been one of us, Bernadette – but it is nice to have it official. To celebrate, the 9 hole ladies treated Bernadette to a Kiwi themed round of golf followed by pavlova and kiwifruit in the clubhouse.

Rarangi Golf Club – Visit

It is our turn to visit Rarangi this year and we have arranged it for the 16th November. If we have enough people we could organise a bus to go over for the day. Please put it in your diary. There will be a sheet in the lounge and in the Pro Shop to register your interest.

Golf Carts For Hire

The expense of running and maintaining our Golf carts has continued to increase and the fees have remained the same for the last five years. The new rates will start on 1st September 2013. Members will pay $25 for 18 holes and visitors paying $40 for 18 holes. Those with medical certificates will increase slightlt

Rules of Golf 2013 Course

The Rules of Golf run at Nelson Club started on Monday 19th. If you missed the first session and would like to attend the next session it is on Monday night at 7 pm at Nelson Club. It is really worthwhile to know the Rules of Golf.

Tasman District Pennants Finals

Greenacres is hosting the Women’s Pennants finals on Monday 26th, 36 holes and Tuesday 27th 18 holes. Good luck to everyone.

Tasman Regional Quadrangular

Greenacres is hosting the Regional Quadrangular on Saturday 7th September and Sunday 8th September. Good luck to our representatives in the Nelson District team.

From the Pro Shop

Better quickly call into the pro shop this week as we have 30% off all Taylormade balls (yes that’s right a whopping 30%) and 20% off all other brands of balls . This offer ends when we shut up shop on Friday so ‘Hurry While Stocks Last.’ When they’re gone they’re gone!

Pride of place this week has to go to Bruce Keelty who last Wednesday scored a HOLE IN ONE on the third. Nice one Bruce! Last Wednesdays Stableford competition was a close affair with Peter Wakelin coming out on top with 42 points whilst the runner up was Stuart McPherson on 41 and the ace himself Bruce Keelty nabbing third spot on 37.

Finally, people continue to ask if you have to be a member of Facebook to look at our page ? The answer is no you do not . You can view the page by just typing www.facebook.com/sharpiesgreenacres into your search engine or google the words

Sharpies Greenacres Facebook and it will give you the link. Hope this helps and have a good week’s golf.

Course Maintenance

This week we will be coring 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 fairways and one width into the rough. The fairways give you the normal placing rule but where the rough has been cored you may take a drop, no placing just a drop within one club length for no penalty but not onto the fairway.

Coring/Verti-draining Greens/Tees

On Monday 9th September we will be closed for the day as greens and tees will be Verti-drained or cored throughout the day. This year we are engaging Nelson’s Verti-drainer and one on their staff to do our greens. We still need lots of volunteers to help sand all the greens after this process and sweep the greens. Those people who can help please let Fred Grindlay know. It will be all day Monday and maybe part of Tuesday, weather permitting. The Verti-draining is a new process for us and we expect our greens to be even better than they have been, if that is possible!

Pitch Marks/Greens

I am still getting reports from the green keepers about people not repairing their pitch marks. With the greens softer at this time of the year it is absolutely critical that we repair our pitch marks and those of others who don’t seem to care.

This weeks “Happy Thought”

“What other people think is none of your business.”