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Snippets for the week ending 18th October 2013
75th Anniversary

The clubs 75th Anniversary will now be celebrated on the 1st February 2014 and will coincide with opening day. All members including nine holers will be invited to attend. The reason for the change is that we have too much on from now through to Christmas i.e. new caterers etc. I am told it will be a day to remember.

Auction – 75th Anniversay

The committee is planning an auction on the day and we would like members to consider donating memorabilia suitable for the auction. We already have a handmade in St Andrews “The Laird” putter in a special tartan case donated to the club.

A re-build of our club website is planned over the next 3 months to improve the sales functions of the site and introduce a Members Only section accessed by password. 
This section will include the day to day club information, results etc and it is hoped that the various officers of the club and the Board will use it for communication with members.
Suggestions are requested from members for the type of information they would like to see, frequency etc. The main pages of the site will become more sales oriented to attract people to our club and to facilitate the website as the main advertising medium for the club to use.  Constructive suggestions are requested and should be emailed to roger@hallwebcare.com.

General Meeting

Over 100 members turned out for the general meeting on Monday night, an excellent turnout. Tony Hunter, your president outlined all the issues and advised the meeting about the overall situation. There were a number of suggestions by members to assist the club which will all be considered by your Board going forward. The board would like to thank everyone for their contributions and support. The next steps are refining next year’s subscriptions including possible 3, 5 and longer memberships for the AGM. Preparing changes to the Constitution for the AGM to consider and finalise the Strategic Plan that the Board have been working so hard on besides all the other things they have been doing.

Festival of Golf

Next Thursday 24th is the Festival of golf at Greenacres and they will be teeing off at 10.30 in a shotgun start. For those of you who like to play early you may play nine holes in the morning but need to be off the course by 10.15am and then in the later afternoon probably 3pm or 3.30pm start depending when the last groups are in. There is 128 in the field so the course will be closed.

2013 Country Clubs Championship

Individual championship Friday 18th October 2 grades cost $15 report time 12.30 pm

Team’s championship-two 4 man teams per club. Four rounds of match play both days start at 8 am. Entry fee is $100 per team.

Anyone interested to contact Peter Crins 547 1669

Business House/Business League

Business house starts tonight 16th October, the first night will be a fun evening with prizes including meat packs for all categories plus meat raffles. After the golf you will be able to decide whether we proceed with Business House as it has always been or change to a business league or run both together. We are still taking entries and teams may still enter before next week.

Rarangi Visit 16th November

Please put your names down for this visit, it appears that we won’t be taking a bus because most folk would possibly stay over. Remember Rarangi brought over 40+ players last year so it would be great to get a strong contingent from Greenacres.

Marshalls for the Summer

During the summer we are looking for volunteers to do some marshalling of green fees and recovery levies before 8am and after 6 pm when the Pro shop is closed. I presume members who play early or in the evening may like to assist and we would prepare an authority and possibly get some Marshall tops for the volunteers to wear if required. Hugh Kavanagh has put his name forward for some mornings, thanks Hugh.

From the Pro Shop

This week’s special is 15pct off all wet weather gear.

Also we have the following clubs on offer 

RBZ STAGE 2 DRIVERS were $499 now just $399

RBZ STAGE 2 RESCUES were $299 now just $259

RBZ STAGE 2 FAIRWAY WOODS were $349 now just $279

COBRA AMP CELL DRIVERS were $499 now only $399

This weeks “Happy Thought”

“Be believing, be happy, don’t get discouraged. Things will work out.”