w/e 11.10.13

Snippets for the week ending 11th October 2013

Welcome to New Members

Welcome to Brian Gowans, Alister and Mathew Gunn all as 9 hole summer members. Enjoy your golf and the fellowship of your new club.

Notice of  General Meeting

A general meeting for members is to be held on Monday night at 7.30 pm 14th October 2013 at the club house. The meeting will be chaired by Peter Crins and Time keeping will be done by Diane Gardiner so that everyone who wishes to speak will get an opportunity.

The Agenda

1.     Presidents address

a.     Update on the club

b.     Strategic plan development

c.     Debentures

d.     Recovery tax

e.     Other matters

2.     Question time 

Ladies Mystery Bus Trip

On Friday the 18th be at the course at 8.30am as the bus will leave at 9.00 am sharp. There are 32 going at present and there are 13 spaces left to either invite a friend or for other members. The cost is $25 with loads of fun. Contact Annette Nistor 544 0272 or Kath Ross 548 4832.

2013 Country Clubs Championship

Individual championship Friday 18th October 2 grades cost $15 report time 12.30 pm

Teams championship – two 4 man teams per club. Four rounds of match play both days start at 8 am. Entry fee is $100 per team.

Anyone interested to contact Peter Crins 547 1669

Business House/Business League

Business house starts next Wednesday night 16th October, the first night will be a fun evening with prizes including meat packs for all categories plus meat raffles. After the golf you will be able to decide whether we proceed with Business House as it has always been or change to a business league or run both together. Please get your entries in as soon as possible so that we can make this work.

Rarangi Visit 16th November

Please put your names down for this visit, it appears that we won’t be taking a bus because most folk would possibly stay over. Remember Rarangi brought over 40+ players last year so it would be great to get a strong contingent from Greenacres.

Sharpies Golf Club

75 years old this year and Greenacres Golf Club are setting firsts in the NZ golfing world.

On Tuesday our ladies helped us to become the first golf club to shoot a calendar in the altogether on a NZ Golf Course and also it was the first nude calendar shoot to have a television crew present during the actual shoot.

‘The Cut’ golfing magazine described it as a ‘Unique Occasion for New Zealand Golf’ and I think that sums it up perfectly.

‘Seven Sharp’ were the TV crew present and it will air on Channel 1 after the 6pm News either Wednesday 9TH Oct at 7pm or 7pm Thursday 10th Oct – YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT. It made the front page of the Nelson Weekly and hopefully will be in today’s Nelson Mail.

We would like the calendar to be available for sale by 25th October – all going well and hope that you will all support it. The profits will be split jointly between Greenacres and Special Olympics Nelson (a very worthwhile cause).

I cannot thank everybody present enough, those that helped were tremendous, Sandra Johnson from Boutique Photography was truly wonderful and I think I speak for all the ladies when I say that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services, the crew from Seven Sharp were marvellous.  But most of all our lady models were truly the stars of the day. The weather was not kind but these ladies were absolute heroes, they looked stunning, had a great attitude and despite a lot of waiting around between takes never grumbled. THANKYOU ladies, my admiration for you all is boundless and it was Sharpies absolute pleasure to assist you in putting together something that Greenacres Golf Club can be truly proud of and something that the future members of Greenacres will look back on 75 years from now and say WOW, THIS IS A GREAT CLUB!

Match Play – Club Competitions

The Match committee would like to remind members that if they are playing a match they cannot enter the competition of the day. You may enter two’s and jackpot only.

This weeks “Happy Thought”

“The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have.”