A wonderful start to the Twilight season with 19 teams entered into the competition and one non-competitive team joining in.

Greenacres Golf Club welcomes you all and happy golfing for the many weeks to come.

Please click the link NOTE TO TEAMS  if there is anything you need to know.

Results and any news will be published the same night or early the next morning

The format for tonight’s teams were the two best scores to count and some very good scores were recorded.

Front 9 scores
1st Place          Johnson Residential 41 points
2nd Place        Endeavour Homes 38 points
3rd Place         Catures 36 points
(Unfortunately for Collier International they went home and missed out on 3rd place but their points of 37 still count for the overall competition)

Back 9 scores
1st Place           Wild Moose Contracting 43 points
2nd Place         Peritia 40 points
3rd Place          Speights 40 points
(Another team to miss out because they went home was Delta Hotsticks on 40 points – hard luck but you also count for the overall result at the end of year)

The Best Stableford for the night was Jennie Ellison on 19 stablefords after quite a few countbacks.
The Not so Good stablefords for the night was Ian Walker from team Flattened but not to worry Ian we will not print your score !!

Have a safe and happy week from your Twilight team