Golf Conditions at Greenacres Golf Club – 12 August 2020 from 12:00 midday

Below are the general guide lines that have been put out by NZ Golf.


Golf at Alert Level 2

At Alert Level Two, playing of golf can be undertaken however there are firm measures in place to ensure the health and safety of all in the golf sector and the community.

It will take some time before sporting life in Aotearoa returns to normal and it’s important we all play by the rules to prevent another wave of COVID-19 cases.

The published Government guidelines for sport at Alert Level 2 can be viewed here:

Please take time to reflect on the guidelines.

If your club opens its facility for play at Alert Level 2, it must do so under the following guidelines:

General Guidance

1. The golf course, clubhouse, pro shop, changing room and any other facility at the golf club are open at Alert Level 2.

2. All staff, players, visitors must adhere to general government advice; particularly all recommended hygiene measures.

3. For golf clubs, strict hygiene and sanitisation practices must be maintained throughout the facility including all common touch points and surfaces. Facilities must have a written plan for safe operation in place – guidance on this topic can be viewed here

We strongly recommend that players carry their own hand sanitisers.

4. A system to record and retain the contact details of all staff, players and visitors must be in place to enable contact tracing should it be required.

All players still have to book on line through Dot Golf or ring the Pro Shop for a tee time for Contact Tracing requirements.

5. Physical distancing (2 metres encouraged) between all staff, players and visitors should be maintained. Distancing should be maintained on the golf course and throughout all club facilities.

6. All indoor facilities at a club need to restrict entry to a maximum of 100 people. Operations across any indoor facilities must follow government guidelines as published.

7. Groups of guests in the clubhouse must be limited to 10 people per group. All groups should be seated, have separation from other groups, and be served by a single server if possible. Golfers should only sit with the group they played golf with and in any event, as part of a group that is strictly no more than 10 people in size.

8. Hospitality venues (including golf clubhouses) can only serve customers if they are there to dine i.e customers in the clubhouse must purchase food.

9. Any staff who are on site should be provided with any appropriate personal protection equipment to ensure they can remain healthy and safe.

General Golf Operations Guidance:

10. All players should wash and dry their hands before and after play.

The trundler shed is open for operation, please use the hand sanitiser that is provided at the door when entering and leaving the room. We strongly recommend players have their own sanitiser with them while playing.  

If you need to use a toilet then do so at the end of 9 holes, using the downstairs changing room toilets.

11. Shotgun or multiple tee starts should only be held if they can be managed in a manner that does not see groups of golfers congregating. A minimum interval of 10 minutes is suggested for four ball groups.

The tee times will be from 8.30 am till 12 noon at this stage.  This is for contact tracing to be completed and the course closed at 5 pm.

12. Groups of golfers should maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres between themselves and other groups on the course.

13. Club events and competitions can be held so long as there is strict adherence to hygiene, distancing and gatherings regulations.

14. While the national handicap system will be operational, physical scorecards should be avoided if possible. If scorecards are used, exchanging of cards should not occur.

You can print off a card.  This will done by the person in the Pro Shop. When you have finished your round put your card in the Handicap Card Box and it will be entered into DotGolf by the Pro Shop.

15. All pins should be removed from practice putting greens.

There will be no pins on the practise green or sand buckets on the course so please fix up divots by replacing the soil that has been removed.

16. Pins / flagsticks can be on the course however they should be left in the hole and should not be touched or removed by any player.

The flagsticks will be on the greens. Please do not remove the flags from the hole at all times.

17. Bunker rakes can be on the course however a local rule will be provided by New Zealand Golf for bunker play should clubs not want to have bunker rakes on the course.

Bunker rakes will not be on the course. You have a FREE Place in the bunkers, then fix the bunker as best you can when leaving.

18. All drinking fountains, ball washers, and shared sunscreen stations should be closed.

These are still closed and are not to be used.

19. Any shared club equipment must be cleaned and sterilised after each use.

20. Coaching can be undertaken on a contactless basis and with strict 2 metre distancing being observed.

The Pro shop needs to be contacted if you are intending to use the Driving Range as there are limited numbers for social distancing and contact tracing.

COVID-19 Related Guidance on the Rules of Golf

New Zealand Golf has received a large number of enquiries from our golf clubs regarding the Rules of Golf and the continued playing of golf during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under Alert Level 2 the New Zealand Golf Handicapping System is live again and golf can be played outside your bubble.

New Zealand Golf has developed COVID-19 related guidance on the rules of golf that specific covers matters such as Scoring in Stroke Play, Flagsticks and Holing Out and Bunkers.