8 June 2020

Midnight tonight is a return to the new normal.
We encourage everyone to continue to book online except for the Ladies on Tuesday & Saturdays. They must report by 09:15 for 09:45 start.  This way there is still a record for traceability should it ever be required. The requirement to manually register has gone.

The following is back:

  • Print your own card and swap with your Marker
    Enter your own card at the completion of your round
    Tee times are back to 8 minutes apart
    Sand buckets, bunker rakes, ball washers are back in play
    Remove the flag if you wish
    Seating arrangements in the Cafe’ have increased
    The electric gate will go back to winter hours of 6pm closing

Keep your hygiene routine up; carry your own sanitiser if you wish
Common sense prevails
Most of all get out and enjoy your golf

Peter Crins